4 String Uyghur Khushtar with bow

4 String  Uyghur Khushtar with bow

Uyghur Khushtar (4-string) with bow.The Khushtar, with its clear and resonating sound, is a key instrument in every Uyghur orchestra. Hand-carved from rich mulberry wood, the Khushtar will always be recognized for the bird on top of the handle as “khush” means bird and “tar” means strings. With it’s roots connecting all the way back to the heyday of the Silk Road, the modern Khushtar today is modeled after paintings found in early Buddhist cave murals, and is tune and played upright on the knee like other traditional lutes.While designed for a professional musician, the artisanal craftsmanship and beauty of the Khushtar will appeal to all art collectors as a beautiful and traditional piece.Product Details:Length:60cmNumber of strings: 4Includes:Khushtar music score book and bow. Shipping:Please allow 20-30 days for priority shipping, express shipping options are also available.Every Khushtar is packed in a custom-built wooden box to ensure safe arrival.