7 String Cow Skin Uyghur Rebab

7 String Cow Skin Uyghur Rebab

The Rebab, renowned as “the lion of instruments”, traces it’s roots back to the 7th Century as it traveled along the ancient Silk Road from the besieged Afghan kingdom to the Uyghur people. Carved from the wood of the wild mulberry tree, Rebab’s have since become the heart of the Uyghur people and carry a distinct shape and sound when compared to the instruments found in Afghanistan and Persia today. Traditionally the Uyghur-style Rebab, also known as the Oyma Rebab, has 7 strings and is approximately 90cm long made with hand carved ox bone inlay. In ancient times, Rebabs were faced with horse or donkey hides. Today unendangered snake-skins are used to cover all of the most-sought after Rebabs. Each instrument is made personally by the hands of an 11th-generation master and his apprentices in his personal workshop in Kashgar. Each Rebab takes two to three months to be complete and can be custom ordered with 5 to 9 strings, and the type of hide used.While designed for a professional musician, the artisanal craftsmanship and beauty of the Uyghur Rebab will appeal to all art collectors as a beautiful and traditional piece.

Product Details:


Number of strings:7

Includes: Rebab Music Score book .

Shipping:Please allow 20-30 days for priority shipping, express shipping options are also available.Every Rebab is packed in a custom-built wooden box to ensure safe arrival.