8 String Large Tajikistan Rebab


This 8 stringed, high quality Rebab is made in Kashgar, at the westernmost border of China. Kashgar lies at the junction of Central Asia, making it a meeting point for the cultures and musical styles of Taijkstan, Uzbekistan, Kazahkstan, Xinjiang. Through the years travellers and merchants have passed through the oasis of Kashgar, trading stories,…

My Rebab Cd


1. My Rebab2. Old Tashwhy3. Shadiyane4. Khadir Mevlan5. Gundipay6. Gundipay7. Sama padisy8. Ay gulum9. Kashgar Hanlaylun10. Old Atush11. Yaroh12. Astanam13. Bom padeh14. Sap ArikhAbout UsThe instruments spend about 2 months in our shop from start to finish. All of our stringed instruments are hand made by an experienced team of master craftspeople according to Uyghur…

7 String Snake Skin Uyghur Rebab


7 String Snake Skin Uyghur RebabThe Rebab, renowned as “the lion of instruments”, traces it’s roots back to the 7th Century as it traveled along the ancient Silk Road from the besieged Afghan kingdom to the Uyghur people. Carved from the wood of the wild mulberry tree, Rebab’s have since become the heart of the…

Rare Uyghur Baliman


Balaman- a short double-reed vertical reed pipe with seven finger holes, tuned by a cross-piece of reed fixed near the mouth end of the instrument. The balaman is now found only in the Khotan region, where it is used as a lead instrument in the muqam.

11 String Rare Uyghur Ghijeck with bow


Uyghur Ghijeck (11-string Snake Skin) with bowThe Ghijeck, a traditional “spiked” fiddle, is the most popular instrument in every Uyghur orchestra. With it’s roots traced back to the Khumal region, the contemporary Ghijeck shares many similarities with the Chinese Erhu and the European Violin. Those familiar with either instrument will be able to quickly master…

Uyghur twelve Muqam CD Box Set


In an unprecedented move, our store is offering the rare and famous Twelve Muqams for your viewing pleasure. The Chinese Government has realized that the sacred music of the Uyghur people is a national treasure that should be saved for generations to come and shared the world over. As a result, they have financed the…