How to look after your Khotan carpet

One of the biggest problems with carpets is keeping moths away. To give your rug the best protection, it is best to put it on the floor in a well-used area so there is no time for dust to gather and insects to breed. Putting mothballs around the border underneath the carpet and spraying some perfume on its surface can also keep moths away. If you hang your carpet on the wall, it will not be possible to use mothballs so you’ll need to spray perfume on the front and back very often. In the summer it is good to check your carpet every week as this can be the worst time for moths. Putting your carpet in the sun regularly during this time is a good way to kill them.Many people wish to place heavy furniture such as dining room settings on their rugs. In this case, it is best to place pieces of flat wood under the legs of the table and chairs so the carpet does not become indented and damaged. It will also be necessary to check the carpet often, and clean it more regularly than if it was just on the floor in a well-used room. If you are not using your carpet and wish to store it, it’s best to spray the surface with perfume and place mothballs all around the rug before rolling it up. It’s important to lift the carpet completely off the ground when moving it, rather than lifting one end and dragging the other as this can damage the rug’s foundation. When it comes time to clean your carpet, it’s important to take care of the foundation. It’s best to tell cleaners to avoid using hard brushes on the carpet’s underside as this can damage the knots and lower the quality of your rug. Using a soft brush on the surface with shampoo and water is fine. After the carpet has been cleaned, a slight amount of hair conditioner rubbed over the surface of the carpet can restore oil to its skin and make it more shiny and durable. Once you have done this put it in the sun to dry. With constant use the carpet’s quality will only get better as there is some “dead skin” on the surface of every rug. Sweeping and brushing your carpet regularly will also aid this process and reveal a new surface underneath.

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