With 31+ years of experience, Ablimit-“Elvis”-Ghopor  is a professional exporter of local hand-crafted goods, and the highest rated tour guide (by The Lonely Planet, Rough Guide, and TripAdvisor) of Kashgar, the far western Silk Road, and the greater Xinjiang Province of western China.Elvis specializes in connecting people from around the world to master-crafted traditional Uyghur musical instruments, hand-woven rugs made by generations-old artisans living in the Khotan and Yarkan mountains, and hand-stitched tribal felt Shyrdakh carpets made by Kyrgyz families near Muztagh Ata. Over the years Elvis has built exclusive relationships with local craftsmen, and travels directly to their villages – sometimes accessible only by camel – to obtain their highest quality work at a fraction of their market value. Providing massive savings for his customers when compared to the stores found in Kashgar and Khotan. If you’re looking for a unique carpet, a hand-made musical instrument, or a wholesale purchase then please contact Elvis at: elvisablimit@hotmail.com
Mobile: (+86)1389.913.6195

Wechat ID : ElvisAblimit